I'm Stephannie, a Bozeman based, fine art photographer. Welcome to my world. It's full of raw connections, playfulness, good vibes, and genuine emotion.  My style is bold and unapologetic, with a combination of dramatic black and whites, and rich colors. My desire is that my clients feel connected to me and vice versa, so that beautiful moments happen organically. 

If you want to snowmobile up a mountain, dance in the rain, or get your feet a little dirty as we watch the sun paint the sky, I am always down for an adventure. I have a bit of a gypsy soul and love to wander

National Parks have my heart, and I love to photograph this beautiful place I get to call home. I'm also a huge foodie, and love to try new things! 
In my spare time, I attempt to do yoga, hang out with our pup, and get my bare feet touching the earth at least once a day!

I'm a firm believer that we're all here to learn, love, and live life as fiercely as possible. Wander with me.