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7 Tips for a Flawless Wedding Day!

Each wedding I shoot, I learn something new. I've been in this industry long enough now, where I've kept a mental list of things that should and shouldn't be done at a wedding. Whether you're the bride and groom, part of the bridal party, or you're a guest, I've listed out some things to consider when attending or planning a wedding! 1. PUT YOUR CELL PHONE AWAY. You knew this one was going to be number one, right? During the ceremony, there's nothing worse than the bride walking down the aisle, and there's 30 phones jetting out in front of her (I've legitimately had this happen, and had ask people to get out of the aisle so I could do my job). 1. It's really rude. 2. It completely ruins a beautiful moment. The bride and groom have asked you there to be a witness to their special day. Be present and enjoy it!

2. DON'T WEAR WHITE. Like, not even a little bit. I don't know why this needs to even be said, but I've seen it happen more this year than ever! It also happened to me on my wedding day. Don't try and flex on the bride. It just makes you look bad. Unless the bride and groom specifically ask guests/bridal party to wear white, please stay away from this one color, and leave the white for the bride! (Unless you're like Kaylee, and you're wearing a colored gown, then I guess it doesn't really matter!) :)

3. TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT. If you're the bride and groom, please ask your officiant to step out of the way for your first kiss! I see it happen all the time, where the bride and groom are announced, they give a big smooch, and there's the officiant cheezin' right in between them. While comical, this is NOT a photo you want to hang on your wall, right?! Simply ask him/her before the big day, to take one big step to the left before your first kiss!

4. PLANNED TOASTS. Be sure to have all of your toasts planned out beforehand! If you're just passing around the mic, it could eat up a lot of the time you have booked with your venue and other vendors. 3-5 toasts maximum is a good number for keeping everything on track! These two did their toast together, and it turned out amazing!

5. EVERYTHING OUT OF YOUR POCKETS. People give women so much crap about all the things they carry in their purses, but have you ever seen a group of groomsmen empty their pockets for portraits?! You'd think we just gone through security at the airport! Wallets, cell phones, chew cans, flasks, keys, the list goes on! And ladies, don't forget about that hair elastic that's permanently attached to your wrist (I'm guilty of it too)! 6. GIVE THE VENDORS ROOM TO WORK. At this point, I can't tell you how many times I've fallen because I was backing up to get the bride and groom coming down the aisle, and "Uncle Bob" was on my heels with his camera. Please don't follow the photographer around with your cell phone, and please stay seated during the ceremony with your phones and cameras tucked away. Don't worry, I got the shot, I promise! Also, if you're reading this and you're a photographer, it IS possible for you and the videographer to work together! Honestly, those I have worked with have been amazing, and it's so helpful to have a teammate for the day!

7. BOX IT UP. All of your important things, like your marriage license, veil, vows, gifts/letters, rings, etc. put 'em in a box by the door the day before your wedding, so they're all in one place, and you don't leave without them! I'm sure I'll have more things to add after the 2021 season, but these are the most common that come up and I hope you find them helpful! Cheers! Steph


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