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Boy Mom | Mommy + Me Session | Sutton, MA

Every spring, I promote Mommy + Me sessions because they are easily one of my favorite types of sessions. I host them just before Mother's Day, because I want every mama to feel loved and celebrated for the badass woman that she is, and I'm so glad I got to highlight Stephanie and her boys this year!

She and I met, because her husband, Brandon, is friends with my husband, Brendan. Yes, you read that right lol. Brandon, Brendan, Stephanie, and Stephannie. Not confusing AT ALL lol. But we clicked instantly when we met, and I was elated when I was finally able to get her in front of my lens!

Stephanie is a mom to two hilarious boys, and she even homeschooled them through COVID, all while running her business: A Little Moore Co. BAD. ASS.

Motherhood sessions always hit me on a deeper level, because I don't feel like moms get the credit they deserve. So, any chance I get to celebrate them, hype them up, and let them know that they are seen - I'm going to take it.

Theses sessions are an opportunity for mama to get dressed up, and to soak up some quality time with her babies. You get to take it all in, and just have some fun with your kids! It's special, and you should treat it as so!

There's no pressure to "pose" for the "perfect photo," here. This is all about capturing the bond and relationships in their most genuine form. My advice for anyone wanting to do a Mommy + Me, or even for family sessions: Let them be. These boys are wild and curious, and I love that we were able to capture that.

Moms are the epitome of what it means to be superheroes. I only have animals, and sometimes that's super difficult and trying, so I can only imagine what raising a human child is like. Social media has tried to put everyone in these picture perfect squares, and we know that's not real life. Maybe you had a diaper explode on you first thing in the morning, your house looks like a tornado went through it, you're on day six of dry shampoo, and you have no idea what's for dinner. And it's ok. Because ain't no hood like motherhood, and no one else can do what you do.

Though, within all the chaos, I hope you find room to celebrate you, and all that you do. I hope you do decide to get dressed up in something that makes you feel confident, and document this crazy, motherhood journey you're on because it's worth capturing. Every part.

And as you know, they're going to grow so so fast.

So, cheers to the mamas for raising these babies, and looking fly while doing it!

PS. My favorite part of this session is when we were all leaving, and her youngest yells out the window of the truck: "HEY. I LOVE YOU!" Best way to end a session, I'd say!

Interested in scheduling a session? Click the link below to get started!


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