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Leah + Shaun | Cape Cod, MA | Wedding Sneak Peek

I have so many feelings surrounding this wedding, and I'm not the best writer, so trying to organize them all has been a challenge. Each of my couples this season have been incredible in their own unique way, but I think I resonate with Leah and Shaun the most on a personal level.

I'm no stranger to a blended family, and seeing these three (plus the little babe on the way) begin this new chapter together reminded me so much of the day when my parents were married and we were all able to fill in pieces that had been missing from each other's lives. We became a family.

Everyone became family that day, and the closeness that they all shared was evident. As a whole, they'd experienced a lot of loss in recent years, members of the family who were so deeply missed as Luke so beautifully expressed during the ceremony. I'm a firm believer in signs, and during the ceremony there were multiple Monarch butterflies that flew around them as Leah and Shaun made their vows.

There was so much love here, and the joy was palpable. There's something about dancing barefoot in the grass while soaking up that summer glow that just made this celebration that much more special. It was pure, undeniable bliss, and after the last year+ we've all had, and Leah and Shaun having to reschedule their day twice - it was finally here and nothing else in the world mattered. The day was so natural and unscripted, and that's how every wedding should be. Take your time, soak it all up, and be fully present in what's happening - which is exactly what they did.

I have so much love and admiration for these two and their family, and words can't begin to express how truly honored I was to have been part of their day. Leah and Shaun, I raise my morning tea to you, and wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and adventure!

Cheers to you!

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