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Nic + Courtney | South Grafton, MA | Wedding Sneak Peek

After photographing Nic and Courtney for their engagement photos, I knew they were my kind of people and I could not wait for their wedding day! Then, COVID happened. In order to be in compliance with the new orders, they had to heartbreakingly un-invite guests, downsize, reorganize, and replan their day. Nic's brother also couldn't attend the wedding due to travel restrictions in his state. I felt so much for this couple. But, we must carry on, and on October 17, 2020, a day that was supposed to downpour all day, ended up being a gorgeous fall day instead! Like almost every wedding day, chaos ensued. Just as Courtney put on her wedding gown, the power went out. I drove her to the church to do their first look, and we were told there wasn't any power there either because someone hit a pole. Then, we realized we also forgot her veil and the marriage license. Insert all of Courtney's swear words here______________! I shot their first look, and their family portraits IN THE DARK, GUYS. And as we were doing family portraits, (I have to tell this story because it's like something out of a movie) the priest was going around lighting the candles. He tried so hard to step over Courtney's train, and instead he slipped in it, tried to catch himself, got even more tangled and fell into one of the church pews. It makes for a great story now, but in that moment, not so much.

Courtney's mom, Cheryl and I said we should start a drinking game for every time Courtney swore in the church. Truthfully, we would have all been hammered and would have needed to go to confession ourselves lol. THEN, 30 seconds after I finished their portraits, the power came back on. Was God testing us? Maybe, but regardless, the moment Courtney walked down the aisle towards Nic, all was well. With all the craziness in the months and minutes leading up to this moment, none of it mattered anymore because these two are meant to be together. Them being together makes everything right. The entire homily was centered around planning the marriage, not the wedding and we need more people preaching this, because life is going to throw some crazy shit at you in the most inconvenient moments, and what matters most is how you persevere together.

The reception was held at Nic's parent's house, and it was honestly the perfect venue! These families know how to have a good time (see mullet photos for reference), and you could feel the love that everyone had for Nic and Courtney! This was such a good way for me to kick off my first wedding being back in New England, and I wouldn't have wanted it to be with any other couple! I am so so happy for you both and I wish you nothing but love, laughter, and happiness along this next adventure! Congratulations Nic and Courtney! Cheers to forever, my friends! Vendors: Please contact me for image licensing! Church: St. James Parish Hair: Studio 16 Makeup: LaFrance Glam Gown: VeLace Bridal Bridesmaids: Azazie Groom + Groomsmen's: Men's Wearhouse Florals: A Beautiful Bouquet Catering: The Buggywhip Cake + Dessert: Wright's Dairy Farm Officiant/Priest: Father David Rentals: The Tent Connection


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