I've found my Big Magic

July 7, 2017

Earlier this summer, I read a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you haven't read it yet, you should. I won't give away all the details, but it talks about allowing big magic to come into your life and the creativity that makes you feel most alive. She talks about how we need to stop with the "starving artist" and "tortured soul" personas that most artists tend to adopt. Why would the universe bless you with a gift and want you to feel like it might be what kills you? This resonated with me. Hard. 

I've had a camera glued to my hand since I was fifteen years old. In college, I began doing equine photo shoots in order to put gas in my car. Since then, I've done engagement sessions, newborn, weddings, family portraits, senior portraits, and almost everything in between. I even got wrapped up in fantasy photography for a bit, too. I was lost. 

Doing those kinds of sessions helped put food on the table, but I still felt like something was missing. I felt like I couldn't figure out what the hell I was doing, or why. I wanted something more. Something that made an impact, and something that just made me truly happy. I wanted big magic.

I love Montana and our National Parks. That's pretty obvious. I've always loved nature and animals, too. Hell, when I was six, I told my mom I was going to save the world. That's a really far fetched idea (especially for a six year old), but who says I couldn't at least make a dent? For the last two or three years, the universe has been jumping up and down, waving it's arms trying to tell me what I should be doing, and I've been giving it the cold shoulder. I came up with so many excuses to not do (whole heartedly) what it is I've pretty much been doing all along. It was time to get real with myself. 


I've got a hunger for adventure, the outdoors, and education, and I want to use my photography abilities to encompass all of these things, all while photographing people who feel the same way about this beautiful place I get to call home.  



With gratitude,
The Wildflower


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