No one registered for my workshop...

April 22, 2018

Today, was supposed to be my second annual Wander With Me to Yellowstone photography workshop to celebrate Earth Day, except no one registered for it. Ask me a couple of weeks ago how I felt about that, and I would have said, "defeated, discouraged, and embarrassed." 

I began feeling like I was trying to force this workshop to happen because it was all planned out and I wanted to finish what I started, but nothing was happening. I kept hitting a dead end. There was still zero interest. Once I started accepting that it most likely wasn't going to happen, I felt relieved knowing I could give my energy to other things, and then it hit me. 


Call me crazy, but I believe the universe removes things from our lives to make room for better ones, and I think that's what happened here. I think my workshop was a flop because the universe was like, "No, Steph. I have something better for you!" 


I felt so much better knowing and trusting that. So, even though I won't be in the park today, I'll still be celebrating Earth Day (because I'm a geek)! What are you doing today?! I hope you're enjoying the outdoors, now that spring has finally decided to show up! 


Cheers + Happy Earth Day!




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