The Four Pillars of my Business

January 29, 2019

The Four Pillars of my Business:

1. Connect with my clients:

I take an incredible amount of pride in what I do and I can't create memorable images if I'm not connected to the people I'm photographing. I take the time to get to know my clients, so that I know how to best serve them. I also never rush my sessions. We hang out, goof around, talk about life and I shoot during those in between moments, because you're the most relaxed and just being you!

2. Provide a valuable service:

I make sure my clients are getting a great value when they book with me. Most of the packages I offer include a little bit of everything, from digitals, to prints, and a mobile gallery app. You will not leave empty handed. 

3. Provide a quality service:

None of this stuff matters if my quality of work is shit. I use high quality camera equipment, excellent post processing systems, and high end, professional printing labs to create lasting products. Not only do I want my clients to have great products to display their images, but these products are also a representation of myself and my work, so they have to be great! I CRINGE when people print my images at places like Walmart or CVS. Please, don't do that. Ever.

4. Continuing education:

The glue to all of this: Constantly choosing to continue my photography and business education only supports and enhances everything mentioned above. I always have to be learning, reaching, and improving.





Why does any of this matter? 


This is not a hobby. And it's not just my business. This is my life's purpose and it's a really big deal to me! I am bat-shit passionate about what I do, and I whole heartedly love it, but if I want to succeed I damn well better be providing these things to my clients to the very best of my ability. 


I find it really important to be as transparent as possible, because its the only way to bring in my ideal clients, and connect people to myself and what I do, and that's what I'm after.


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