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Kaylee + Mark // Styled Elopement //

A black velvet dress, leather jackets, a man bun, morning PBR, and a whole lot of wind made for a perfect vintage, gypsy styled elopement session. Kaylee and Mark embraced a little hike and gusty winds with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Kaylee emailed me back in December in regards to my model call. She nervously asked if I had filled all of my spots, and wanted to know if she and Mark could model for me. Hell. Yes.

We were finally able to get our schedules aligned and had a morning session near Jackson Creek. These two, their style, and their love for one another just took over. For some, it's hard to be in front of the camera, especially when the photographer says, "pretend like I'm not here." I was able to witness pure poetry between these two, as they truly behaved as they would had I not been there with a camera in their faces.

So. Much. Laughter. I even asked them to do a "serious" photo, and Kaylee just busted out laughing. Mark looked at her in just complete awe during the entire session. I truly believe I was able to capture what their relationship is really like. They're silly, and flirty, and sensual in the most subtle ways.

Before each session, I have my clients fill out a questionnaire. It helps me to get a better feel of who they are as individuals and as a couple. I was in tears while reading Kaylee and Mark's, partly due to laughter, and partly due to the romance as they described their future together. "He still acts as every bit of child now, as he did in 2017. -Things I imagine telling my children, family, and guests when they see these pictures and see how young we once were...and how weird we still will be."

"I want something to look back on with my kids and grandkids and for them to say things like 'Wow! Grandma is hot! You two are just as crazy about each other then as you are now! Grandpa, were you ever able to keep your hands off Grandma's butt?!"

These two have weathered many storms together, and yesterday was a symbolic celebration of that.

Cheers to more laughter, more love, and more beers.

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