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The Summer of Flowers, the Summer of Growth

This summer, was the summer of flowers. Six months ago, I would have told you, "macro photography isn't my thing" because it wasn't. I was horrible at it, but like the wildflowers that grew and blossomed this summer, I did too.

Growth is such a powerful and fulfilling thing. This summer has been difficult, but when I look back, the only thing I see is growth within the struggles I faced.

I've grown in my skill and my business. I've grown personally, and have had to make tough decisions about who I surround myself with. I've taken leaps, and have fallen. I've had some wins and lots of failures. I've been frustrated, discouraged, and tired, but once again, like the wildflower, I've grown where people said I never would.

I fell, but got back up.

I failed, but have learned from those failures.

And despite my frustrations and discouragement, I never stopped shooting.

My state has been engulfed in flames since July, and thankfully, we have rain and snow in our forecast this week, but I will miss the flowers. I will miss their wildness, their beauty, and their perseverance, but autumn is about to show us just about beautiful it is to let things go.

The Wildflower

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