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"These are the first photos where I didn't loathe every single piece of me..."

I've known Tristin for almost four years, and we've done about seven sessions together during that time. In the last two years, our friendship has grown incredibly strong, and with each session, she's challenged herself to drop her guard, and to be more vulnerable. This is not an easy task, especially when you're battling internal demons all while in front of a camera.

About a month ago, we did her first boudoir session and she pushed herself out of her comfort zone by willing to be photographed without any makeup. This was her idea, not mine, which I can really appreciate. I love photographing when it serves a purpose and when the client takes the reins and chooses to show up and feel what they're feeling, to give themselves permission, and allow all of that to be photographed.

I can't begin to explain how proud I am of Tristin for all that she has overcome. She has faced many battles and conquers each one with grace, positive vibes, and a strong mind. "I've fought battle after battle and have come out on the other side of every single one of them stronger, wiser, and more beautiful. I was terrified to do these shoots. These photos from both of our sessions are the literal first time I've ever looked at my body and just soaked it in, loved it, craved it, and wanted to honor it. These are the first photos I've ever looked at where I didn't loathe every single piece of me that wasn't "flawless" and I actually took the time to take a deep breath and say to myself 'you are absolutely stunning and your personality makes you ten times more attractive than you ever imagined you'd become.' Thank you for capturing these moments of not only my body, but of my entire soul!"

This is why I love being a photographer. I was able to, in a way, help put the pieces back together, to help someone see their true beauty, and breakdown the walls built with self-loathing. Sessions like these are so transformational for the client and for me. It teaches us to give ourselves permission to embrace and love who we are unconditionally.

That's pretty fucking powerful.

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