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Frank + Erika // Engagement // Sneak Peek

Erika reached out to me back in December shortly after my tonsillectomy surgery. She called to ask me if I would be available for their wedding. After hearing about some of the details they have planned, and though I was struggling to speak, I excitedly managed to get out the words, "please email me!"

When I pulled up to photograph their engagement session, I was greeted by a corgi named Bane, a mastiff named Lady, and many farm kitties who were really interested in my car.

Erika originally had on a floral summer dress before we began shooting, but I could tell she wasn't really feeling it. So, she went back inside, put on her jeans and boots, paired with a cute top! Frank arrived in his penguin t-shirt with a beer in hand, and we all laughed. There are some people who take their engagement photos really seriously and get all dressed up and decked out, which I definitely adore, but I also encourage and welcome my clients to just be themselves and to wear whatever they're most comfortable in because if you're any bit insecure, it will show in your photos!

The evening was filled with chicken wrestling, thumb wars, and wandering through the hills with the dogs, and the cats not far behind. We spent time cuddling the burros, sitting by the creek, and moving the horses from one pasture to another. We soaked up all of the day's warm summer glow, talked about horses, and bonded over the fact that Erika's family and I are both from Massachusetts.

Frank and Erika have such fun and playful personalities, and the vision for their wedding could not be more fitting for them! I'm so excited to be part of their wedding day in June! Cheers!

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