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Frank + Erika // Manhattan, MT // Wedding Sneak Peek

Since I got home after midnight from Frank and Erika's wedding celebration, I've had a tough time organizing my thoughts because all I kept saying to myself, was "Wow! Wow! Wow!" Their day was an absolute dream to photograph and it couldn't have been more fitting for them. Everything from the food, to the decor, the dress, and Frank's attire were just perfect. Erika also included all of her fur-children in the ceremony and Frank's dad had the honor of marrying them.

Frank and Erika are both such genuine, kind, generous, and welcoming people, and that certainly reflected in the guests who attended the wedding. You could tell how much everyone absolutely adored them and vice versa. The day began with hair, makeup, and shots of fireball. Erika's friends helped her put her dress on along with her riding boots. As soon as she saw her horse out the window, she couldn't contain herself and said, "I just want to ride!" With her gown blowing so dramatically in the wind, the rain clouds cleared, and off she rode. These images are ones I've only ever dreamed of capturing. All of our jaws dropped in pure awe of the moment we were experiencing as we watched Erika ride over the hills in her wedding dress. Their ceremony was sweet and personal as their animals were escorted down the aisle and close friends spoke and told stories about how they met and fell in love.

It was supposed to rain the entire day, but instead we were spoiled with beautiful weather, great company, and fantastic music by Flatland Calvary who came all the way from Texas to help Frank and Erika celebrate. Frank and Erika, thank you so much for including me in your big day! Words cannot begin to express my gratitude. Congratulations on getting hitched and cheers to this next chapter!

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