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"Thanks, but we found someone cheaper."

“Thanks, but we found someone cheaper.”

Words no photographer or any business owner wants to hear. We’re all incredibly passionate about what we do, so it’s really disappointing when we get this response, especially after we’ve invested time and energy into consulting with you and getting excited about your session! You love our work, just not the price.

Of course, everyone is priced differently based on their location, specialty, and level of experience, but do your research, because you get what you pay for!

When looking for a photographer, there’s a couple factors other than price that should be considered:

1. Style + Quality: Research the photographer’s work. Go to their website, social media platforms, and Google their business. Read the reviews, study their work. Is it consistent? Does it resonate with you? Are the images in focus? Are the colors balanced? When you pay for a session, you’re paying for that photographer’s time, skill level, style, and the quality of equipment used (just to name a few). Pay attention to the difference when looking through multiple photographer’s portfolios.

2. Do you vibe with that photographer’s personality/vision? Read their blogs, and “about me” sections on their website. Search their Facebook posts. What are they passionate about? Do they inspire you? Do they sound like someone you want to be friends with? You need to feel connected to your photographer and vice versa, otherwise your images are going to be bland and you’ll end up disappointed.

Sure, everyone has a budget, and while it’s important to find a photographer who fits within your budget, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether or not you work with that person.

There is a reason why I call my packages an “investment” and it’s not just because of pricing. The whole experience of us working together is an investment. An investment of time, money, energy, creativity, and building relationships. I’ve had people save for six months to work with me, because they want me and they feel connected to my work. I also have repeat clients who I’ve photographed every year for the last four or five years, because they trust me, and we’ve bonded throughout that time.

I am truly grateful and honored when someone chooses me to capture something important in their lives. For me, it's not about seeing how many sessions I can do in a month, or "turning tables" if you will. It's about building a connection with those people and making their vision come to life.

Find a photographer who you connect with, who will give you an incredible experience, along with stunning work, because that's where the value is at. Those are the reasons to hire someone, not because they’re the cheapest.

XO, Steph

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