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3 Tricks to Elevate your Photography!

It's hard for me to believe that this year will mark eight years since I started my photography business, and four years since it became my full-time job! I often think back to when I first started out, and getting to where I am now seemed so unattainable, but I was hungry and that's what got me here.

I studied film photography in college, but as far as digital goes, truthfully, I was just winging it and learned as I went along. And you know what? It paid off, because I learned from my mistakes, and was published ten times with my little $600 Nikon d3100 I bought from Walmart. My work in magazines?! I couldn't believe it!

Over the years, I've grown a lot, like most artists do, and have done the best I can to elevate my work.

I'm not a fan of photoshop, just my personal preference. If I'm being honest, it intimidates me, but I also love the concept of learning how to do things in-camera versus "making it" in photoshop later on.

So, I want to share with you some of my favorite photography tricks to get those "WOW!" shots that don't require photoshop!

1. Cell Phone Reflections

Cell phone reflection image

  • Hold your phone on a horizontal plane to the bottom edge of your lens.

  • When you look through the view finder you'll see part of the screen reflecting onto the lower part of the image.

  • Adjust the phone slightly (make sure to keep it close to the lens) until you see a reflection that you're happy with!

Cell phone reflection image

2. Ring of Fire

Ring of fire photography technique

Ring of fire shots are my go-to for first dances under twinkly lights, or the sun poking through the trees to give it that extra drama! Here's how:

  • You'll need a copper pipe, about 2" in length and 2" in diameter.

  • Hold it in front of your lens. (Be sure not to touch your lens with the pipe, as you don't want to scratch it!)

  • Look through your viewfinder and shoot your shot! You'll have to move the pipe or yourself around to get the best shot. It takes some practice but once you figure it out, you'll be so happy that you have this to add to your bag of tricks!

Ring of fire photography technique

3. Atmosphere Aerosol

Atmosphere aerosol technique

Ever wanted to create fog or a smokey look to your images? Then you need to get yourself a can (or two) of atmosphere aerosol! This is new to me. I've only tried it a handful of times, but 100% happy with the outcome!

  • First thing's first, do NOT use this in a space where there's a smoke detector. I learned this the hard way. You need good ventilation, but don't use it on a windy day. It won't work.

  • Having light behind the fog is what really makes it pop! Just spray a ridiculous amount and it will add so much depth to your images! It's super affordable too!

  • Dust is also a fantastic alternative!

Family dancing in a dusty old church

Most of all, HAVE FUN with this stuff! I mean, that's why we all started photography in the first place, right?! Please feel free to share your images by tagging me using these tools and tricks! I'd love to see what you captured!

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