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Emily + Christian | Intimate Montana Elopement | Bozeman, MT

I live in MA, they live in WA, and together we planned their intimate elopement in MT with 3,000 miles between us.

Emily posted in a Bozeman Facebook group about looking for a photographer, and of course everyone swarmed to her. Within seconds she had about 100 responses. I saw it, and truthfully didn’t think she’d even see my comment. Tossing my hat in the ring was the best thing I could have done, because she did see it and now I’ve been blessed with knowing her and Christian because of it.

We Zoomed a few times over the last several months, but my first time actually meeting them in person was the day before their wedding.

I helped them find a location all the way from MA, so now all we needed to do was pick the perfect spot within this location to have their ceremony. In meeting them, I felt like I had known them for forever, and I was so excited to celebrate with them the following day.

Their elopement was simple, with a heavy focus on them, and their relationship-as it should be.

Before the ceremony began, I offered their guests a “Social Media Minute” where everyone gets 60 seconds to whip out their phones, take their photos, and then put them away so they can be fully present during the ceremony. Let me tell you, not a single guest took out their phone. They all looked at me and said, “No thanks. Your photos are going to be better than my phone any way.” I about started crying right then and there. THAT is how you attend a wedding, friends.

Surrounded by fifteen of their closest friends and family, Emily and Christian made the most beautiful vows to one another underneath a variety of colored umbrellas, and that big Montana sky.

It rained during their entire ceremony, but we were blessed with the most gorgeous sunset while wandering around in the wildflowers. Their friends also surprised us with their stunning VW bus named Otis, and allowed us to take some fun shots with it! It was pretty epic, I won’t lie.

The evening ended at Montana Ale Works with more cupcakes than you could ever imagine. And come to find out, some of Christian’s family is from MA, and ME! The world is the size of a postage stamp, I swear.

As a wedding gift to the bride and groom, I found a wooden MT picture frame, and had all the guests sign it for them, and then we will put their favorite photo from the day in it. I thought it was the perfect alternative to a guest book!

I think I hugged almost every single one of these guests, and for the first time in a long time, I was the last one to leave the wedding aside from the bride and groom.

I absolutely adore this couple beyond words, and they have been so gracious and understanding with the delay in getting this sneak peek to them since my accident. Words will never be able to fully express how grateful I am that they chose me, and that I was able to help them plan the most perfect day.

Emily and Christian, I seriously love you guys so much, and I am SO happy for you and this next adventure that you’ve started together! Cheers to you, and Huey!

Vendors: Please contact me for image use!

Ceremony Location: MT FWP

Reception: Montana Ale Works

VW Bus: @the_bus_and_us_3

Cupcakes: Cupcake Mountain


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