Sarehl + Bill | Wedding Sneak Peek | Apple Hill Farm & Country Club | Leominster, MA

Sarehl's initial email to me was hysterical. For one, it was more than just "What do you charge?" (I hate those emails). She took the time and told me a bit of their story. She told me how she and Bill are both from MA, but live in Bozeman, and they were planning a small wedding celebration in MA. I thought my head was going to pop off with the irony of this whole thing! I had just moved back to MA from Bozeman, and here we were. The stars could not have been more aligned for us.

While I was in MT in June for work, my fiance' and I met up with Bill and Sarehl for dinner. Four-ish hours and a few drinks later, I had wondered where these two had been my whole life! They're the kind of people that make you feel full, bright, and refreshed after connecting with them. We were able to learn so much about one