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Sarehl + Bill | Wedding Sneak Peek | Apple Hill Farm & Country Club | Leominster, MA

Sarehl's initial email to me was hysterical. For one, it was more than just "What do you charge?" (I hate those emails). She took the time and told me a bit of their story. She told me how she and Bill are both from MA, but live in Bozeman, and they were planning a small wedding celebration in MA. I thought my head was going to pop off with the irony of this whole thing! I had just moved back to MA from Bozeman, and here we were. The stars could not have been more aligned for us.

While I was in MT in June for work, my fiance' and I met up with Bill and Sarehl for dinner. Four-ish hours and a few drinks later, I had wondered where these two had been my whole life! They're the kind of people that make you feel full, bright, and refreshed after connecting with them. We were able to learn so much about one another and create a closeness in such a short amount of time, that when their wedding day arrived it was more like celebrating with friends, rather than clients.

It had been raining here for weeks, like full on torrential down pours and flooding, but come July 16th, it was 90 degrees and full sun!

Some of my favorite moments from their day included Sarehl and her dad casually having a full on conversation as they're walking down the aisle together. The song that was playing was, "Here Comes the Sun," and I totally started crying. As her eyes met Bill's, she yelled out, "Hey babe!" And I loved that! I thought it was the cutest thing. It was so genuine and true to who Sarehl is.

Their handwritten vows were so personal and deeply heartfelt. The whole time I'm thinking, "This is what it's all about, right here."

Their first dance song was one by Phish.

And Sarehl's best friend Lisa, gave a toast that was hands down the most beautiful and thoughtful toast I've ever heard.

I know how grateful Sarehl and Bill are to those who were able to come and celebrate with them. I am forever thankful that our paths crossed and that I was able to capture their love!

Congratulations my friends! Cheers to you!

XO, Steph

Vendors: Please visit the link below for image licensing! Thank you!

Venue & Catering: Apple Hill Farm & Country Club

Gown: After 5 and Weddings

JOP: Debra Jeffries

DJ: Brian Fleck


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