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April + Andre | Winter Maternity Session | Union, CT

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

I have been TERRIBLE at blogging sessions, and by "terrible", I mean I have never blogged any of my sessions. I've only utilized by my blog as a way to share wedding sneak peeks with my clients. Well, that ends now! I'm going back to the beginning of this year, sharing some of my favorite sessions with some tips along the way for preparing for our session together!

This session kick-started my 2022 season, and it was magical to say the least - and also cold AF! We had to pause every few minutes to warm up!

*Fun fact* I CANNOT shoot with gloves on. So, there have been many times where I've shot in sub-zero temps without gloves. #yolo

I'm pretty sure it was only about 3* outside when we did this session, but you wouldn't know it by these photos. They photographed so beautifully! And that glow! I mean, come on!

One thing I've learned about shooting in New England, is that the sun sinks behind the trees much quicker than we think. So, if you're hoping for golden hour, plan on being ready to start 1.5 hours before sunset time!

Because I spent a good portion of my career in Montana, where it's winter for nine months out of the year, I've learned to come to winter sessions prepared. I will always have a basket of hand warmers, and extra blankets for you to use. But it also helps to dress in layers like these two did, and the colors they chose complement each other perfectly! #chefskiss PS. I have a lint roller too!

I'll also make you get snuggly to keep each other warm!

You're welcome to bring an additional outfit, as well! I highly recommend this, as it always brings an element of change and excitement to your photos.

I always suggest my clients stay away from colors such as light blues, pinks, and purples, because they tend to bring out redness in the cheeks - especially in the winter time! This emerald green velvet gown was absolutely perfect for two reasons: 1. The material and style suits the season. She's not wearing a sundress in the dead of winter! 2. It POPS against the snow and that golden hour glow!

The green dress was from Amazon, and I'm going to list some of my favorite dress shops if you're looking for something stunning to wear to your session!

I only have 5 dates left for winter sessions in 2022! Click the link below for more info on securing your session!

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