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Why you should purchase your prints and wall art directly from your photographer

So, you just had an amazing session with your photographer. You received your gallery and you're totally in love with every image and want to make prints to decorate your walls. Next, you download your photos, and you decide to print them at Walmart, and then come back to your photographer in tears because the photos that printed look nothing like the beautiful photos that were delivered to you. Sound familiar?

I've had this happen a couple of times, and honestly it's gut wrenching. One, because my client is unhappy, and two, because my client chose to spend their money at a big box store (who doesn't care what your photos look like) and were left with a horrible product, which ultimately reflects on me. The client will never blame the Walmart, Costco, or Shutterfly printers. They will always come back to their photographer and ask why their prints look bad or different than what's shown in their gallery. And my first question to them is always, "Where did you print them from?"

Your should totally print your photos, but they should also look good! Today, I'm going to list out four reasons why you should purchase your prints and wall art directly from your photographer.


I think this one is pretty evident, but we're going to talk about it anyway because it's a huge deal! When you purchase prints or wall art directly from your gallery, your photographer gets a cut from that sale so that they can be compensated for their art. We got your session booked, helped you find the perfect outfit and location, and delivered to you a beautiful gallery of our art. Let us see this whole thing through by providing you with great products to showcase that art! I get it, Walmart is cheaper. But when you take our art somewhere else to print, you take away the ability for us to continue making art and provide for our families. You give your money to a big name store who can do it cheaper, while leaving out the small business who made it all happen. I know you're thinking, "but I paid you for the session, there's your cut." Yes, you're right, but prints are also our way to reproduce our art and continue making an income, especially during months that are slow and we're not booking sessions. Basically, prints are what keeps us sustained in the long run. Also, every single one of my clients receives 20% off any and all purchases made in the print shop for 30 days after their session. I don't know another photographer who offers that.


Now that you have your high quality digital images, don't go printing them on cheap materials. It will show. Your gallery is connected directly to a professional printing lab, one I hand chose, and one that the general public does not have access to. Like every other artist out there, I take pride in my work, and I want my work to look good once it's printed (especially when printed). I've used other labs in the past and have done comparisons with CVS/Walmart printing and truly guys, there's just no competing with the lab I work with. Places that aren't actual photo labs are not equipped with the proper inks and papers to make sure images print as they should. From metal, to canvas, and even your standard framed prints the quality of the lab I use is top-notch, and that's what I want for my clients and the work I create for them.


Sometimes there are issues with printing, it happens. Maybe the crop was off, or the finish wasn't what you ordered, or something just needs tweaking. If you print anywhere outside of your gallery, I can't help you. I can communicate directly and quickly with my lab should any issues come up, and get them resolved for you ASAP. I'm not responsible for prints clients create anywhere else. Is that a risk you're willing to take?


There's really nothing like it when someone chooses to hang your art on their walls. It's the ultimate complement. It only solidifies that we, as photographers didn't make a mistake when we chose to make art for a living. So, thank you.

All 2022-23 client galleries, along with my Landscape + Wildlife Collection are 20% off until May 1st with code FORMOM20 at checkout!


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