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How to Have a Stress-Free Photo Session!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

5 tips for having a stress-free family photo session!

I've seen it all before. Mom is running around like her hair is on fire trying to get everyone dressed and keep her kid's clean. Dad is yelling at the kids to stop fighting, and the family dog just really wants to roll in the mud. I get it. Photos are a big deal, and of course you want everyone to look their best, and be on their best, but this is not meant to be stressful. This is supposed to be fun!

I'm going to give you five tips to help you take the pressure off, so that you can actually enjoy your next family session!

#1 - Soak It Up

Whether you booked a session for holiday cards, or just to have some updated family photos, I encourage you to use this time to reconnect with your family. Engage with your kids, grab your hubby's booty, hold your baby tight. This is an opportunity for you to take notice of how your children have grown and changed. Memorize the freckles on your daughter's nose, take a mental note of how your wife's hair smells, be actively grateful in this moment right here. These make for the best photos. Don't worry, I'll capture all of those beautiful in-between moments and you won't miss those stale, posed photos, I promise!

#2 - Let Them Be Kids

Kids are messy, loud, and silly. During your session, just let them be themselves. Don't interfere with their curiosity and exploring (unless it's unsafe of course). Capturing them as they are is where the magic is.

"There is magic in these moments."

#3 - Styling

I send all of my clients a style guide, and I encourage them to reach out with any ideas they have in mind. I don't want to dictate what you wear by any means, but I do want to make sure everything flows well, and also goes with the scenery. I'm happy to collaborate with my clients and help them find something they'll feel amazing in, because when you feel good, you look good, and that's exactly what you want for photos!

#4 - Make it Special

Your session is special because it's a chance to slow down and spend time together. Take it a step further and make it a family date night! Head out for dinner or ice cream afterwards. You're already dressed up anyway, might as well show off that beautiful fam of yours!

#5 - Have Fun!

Most of all, just have fun! During sessions with me, I have everyone play games, so bring your child-like spirit and take the pressure off. Just enjoy this time with your family!

Family photos is not the time for discipline, or trying to make sure your kids are being "good," or making sure everything looks "perfect." Its a time for belly laughs, cuddles, and letting of expectations.

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