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Lane + Kayla | Wyoming Elopement | Grand Teton National Park

I literally just realized that I never blogged this elopement, and I feel so dumb because it's one of my favorites!

I've known Kayla since 2018-ish, and I've photographed she and her husband so many times now, I've lost count, but their wedding day was probably my favorite! So far, it's been my first and only National Park elopement, and it was everything I've ever dreamed of and more!

But I have to back up and tell you about the chaos that ensued before they said "I do." A few days before their big day, their officiant bailed, and their florist closed up shop without notice. And to top it off, we were caught in a huge snow storm driving from MT down to Jackson Hole. But, as I've learned now from being friends with Kayla for so long, shit always hits the fan, and we always figure it out.

We were able to get them hitched, and my dear friend who was a florist made her the most stunning bouquet. I picked it up before we left town and drove this precious cargo down to WY and was able to surprise her with it!

Lane and Kayla are always going against the grain, but they still kept some traditions that you normally see at weddings. They wrote their vows the morning of, but Lane was not allowed to see his bride before the ceremony. This made for the most epic first look, EVER.

We had the whole area to ourselves as they made their vows to one another - and this is probably the only time I've ever seen Kayla tear up. The brisk (and by brisk I mean cold AF) autumn air surrounded us, and it was just us and the Tetons. Mother Nature truly is the greatest venue.

Their ceremony was short and sweet, but filled with prayer, heartfelt words, and a sense of ease. It was one hundred percent them, and that's all I ever want for my couples.

We wandered around Grand Teton until it got dark, and we ended the night at the Million Dollar Cowboy bar, where the bar seats are saddles, and the art transports you back to a different time.

I was so honored, and still am, to have been the only person invited to their secret wedding, and will never take that for granted. Love you, guys!

Vendors: Please contact me for image licensing!

Florals: @anselmiart

Bride's Top & Alterations: Lynesse Voegele

Bride's Pants: Girl on a Vine

Navajo with White Pendant: @smoking_aces_silver

Earrings: @olliecainegoods

Leather: @j.mohon

Groom's Hat: Resistol

Groom's Pants: Wrangler

Boots: Cody James

Bolo Tie: Family Heirloom

Groom's Ring: @barvdoll

Blanket: Pendleton

Resort: Snow King Resort


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